Dear friends! Our site is created specially for you, and we are glad to greet you here!

We would like to tell you what it is like to be at the heart of the events of our Club, because you are not only the fans of the best club of the country but also good and faithful friends to basketball players and each other. Fan club is a big family, where victories and defeats are shared together. We do not have other words than friendship in our vocabulary. It is this that unites the generations of people with different social backgrounds, diverse interests and view of life. We invite you in our world of basketball and our friendship! Here we will gather the notes of our fans, photos from road and home games, videos and many other things.

Thank you that you are always with us! Our victories are your victories too.  We can win only thanks to your support! Keep supporting us; your countenance is vital for us! In order to make your visits to the games more comfortable and enjoyable we need more information about you, our dear guests, and your feedback to improve our work. Please, do not hesitate to send all your questions and offers, and our management, players and coaches will frankly respond to your letters.

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