VTB United league 2020/2021
VTB United league, Regular season
17.12.2020, 20:30 Th
Arena: UDS «Molot» (Perm)
Main time
24:16 23:35 20:19 16:14
Game number: RS-65
Spectators: 1319

The last away match in the outgoing year «Astana» will play in Perm

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Basketball club «Astana» will complete its New Year's outing tour in the framework of the VTB United League, going to Perm, where it will play a match with the local «PARMA». The meeting will take place on Thursday, December 17, starting at 20:30 Nur-Sultan time.

«PARMA» — is a Russian professional men's basketball club from the Perm region, founded in 2012.

  • Russian Cup Winner 2015/2016, 2018/2019
  • Bronze medalist of the Russian Cup 2016/2017
  • Bronze medalist of the Super League 2015/2016

Team roster:

PARMA is one of the few teams this season that has practically not changed its roster compared to the previous one. If we compare the line-up of the Permians in the VTB United League last season and this one, we will not find only three players and all three are Russians — the most experienced Artem Zabelin and Yevgeny Valiev, as well as young Timofey Yakushev, are not included in the application for the season.

Basketball club Parma 2020/2021

Thirteen players from the last season continue to play for PARMA in the VTB United League. Thus, the Perm team has retained most of the team and the entire core from last season. This also applies to all imports who also retained their basketball registration in Perm. Among them are the most experienced American guards Lorenzo Williams and Robert Johnson, and no less experienced Lithuanian players — guard Adas Yushkavechus and forward Eigirdas Zukauskas, as well as powerful forwards Latvian Mareks Meyeris and Serb Boris Savovich. In addition, seven Russian players stayed with the team: Maxim Grigoriev, Nikolai Zhmako, Konstantin Bulanov, Gleb Sheiko, Alexander Platunov, Yegor Chernyshov and Vadim Bondarenko. There are only two newcomers to the Perm team in the VTB United League, both of whom are Russian players. And if forward Alexander Kurov is still quite young, only in September celebrated his twentieth birthday, then center Vladimir Ivlev is very experienced and moved to PARM from the Lokomotiv-Kuban team, where he spent four seasons, and previously played in Nizhny Novgorod teams and «Dynamo» Moscow.

Head coach:

In addition to the fact that PARMA has retained almost all of its roster, the coaching staff has remained absolutely unchanged since last season. The team is also led by a Lithuanian specialist Kazis Maksvitis, and his compatriot Gintaras Kaziulis and Russian coaches Vyacheslav Shushakov and Veniamin Anisimov help him.

Kazis Maksvitis

Rival leaders:

In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, the leader of PARMA is Lithuanian Adas Yushkevichus, the other two Baltic players — Mareks Meyeris and Eigirdas Zukauskas — are good company to him. Serb Boris Savovovic and Russian Nikolay Zhmako show excellent game. Also, the players of the base are the Americans Robert Johnson and Lorenzo Williams, as well as the Russian player Vladimir Ivlev. In addition, the Perm coaching staff often engage with the Russians Maxim Grigoriev, Konstantin Bulanov and Gleb Sheiko.

Tournament position:

PARMA is currently on the seventh line of the standings with four wins and three losses. The Perm team managed to surprise this season by beating CSKA and «Lokomotiv-Kuban» away at home, and they were also able to beat «Avtodor» away. However, they also had an unfortunate period when they suffered three defeats in a row: an unexpected home from “Yenisei”, an away from “Nizhny Novgorod” and missed a major revenge at home from CSKA. In the last game the Permians took the upper hand over «Tsmoki-Minsk» in Minsk. So far, “Astana” is not as good as we would like — after eight games, our teams are in tenth place in the standings, having won only two matches.
Game history:

Teams from Perm and Nur-Sultan have played eight games in their entire history, seven of which are in the VTB United League. PARMA managed to win three games in the confrontation with our team, and only two in the VTB United League. But it should be noted that last season PARMA and “Astana” held only one game in Perm, and then the hosts were able to win, but only in overtime. At the same time, it is important to note once again that that composition of PARMA has not practically changed and the upcoming game will show how ready to fight the new composition of “Astana” will be.

Interesting Facts:
  • PARMA and “Astana” completed the showdown in the last full-time game only in overtime, but then “Astana” lost.
  • It is also worth noting that this season PARMA has already managed to outplay CSKA and «Lokomotiv-Kuban», but managed to lose to «Yenisei».

The match will take place on Thursday, December 17 in Perm at the arena of «Molot» Sports Palace, starting at 20:30 Nur-Sultan time. The online broadcast of the match will be available on our website in the Match Center section, as well as live on the QazSport TV channel.

Detailed information about the tournament, tournament tables, schedule, and match results are published in the Tournaments section.

«Astana» broke a losing streak with an epic victory in an away match against «PARMA»

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The away of the basketball club «Astana» with «PARMA» in the framework of the VTB United League was held in the best traditions of the thriller genre and pretty much tickled the nerves of the fans of the capital's team in an incredibly intense ending. Our guys snatched an important victory from the hosts, and Jeremiah Hill updated his personal record for three-pointers per match!

The hosts won the jump ball and in the very first attack sent the ball into the ring from a long distance, but Astana's response was not long in coming and already in the next attack Michael Thompson evened the score with his precise three-pointer. In the next couple of minutes, the hosts rushed forward rapidly, while it cannot be said that our guys did not succeed, but there were definitely problems with the accuracy and this was beneficial for Permians. The PARMA players scored every shot, and three minutes after the start of the match, «Astana» was losing nine points. The situation changed for the better when Ojars Silins joined the game and implemented an accurate long-range shot. In the middle of the first period, the Perm team continued to lead by eight points, but one more accurate three-pointer from Silins reduced the gap of «Astana» to five points. But this was not enough and the Permians again began to go into the lead, and after a couple of minutes they brought the difference in the score to a double-digit figure for the first time in the match. Jeremiah Hill opened the scoring with his precise long-range shot in this match and stopped the rivals' lead, but in the end the lost points at the start really made a difference; the first quarter ended with a score of 24:16 in favor of the hosts. Michael Thompson in the first attack of the second quarter began the come-back of “Astana” to the struggle for leadership. In the third minute of the quarter, Adonis Thomas equalized the score, and then for the first time in the match brought our team forward. However, the hosts were not taken aback and went on imposing their own pace. In the middle of the period, Ojars Silins again made an accurate long-distance shot, with a foul, and these four points again equalized the score on the scoreboard. The game became very dynamic and many long-range shots flew to the target. Two and a half minutes before the break, Adonis Thomas again brought “Astana” forward. Jeremiah Hill caught the courage and sent two more threes right on target until the end of the first half of the match, as well as Martins Meyers and Vadim Shcherbak from beyond the arc. The first half ended when the score was 45:51 in our favor, but after the game and having watched the video replay of the ending, the judges fouled “Astana” and appointed two free throws, which were realized. Thus, the first half of the meeting ended with the score — 47:51.

Jeremiah Hill

The four points difference in the score did not mean much, and our rivals quickly proved this, immediately scoring three points at the start of the second half of the match. Now “Astana” clung to its leadership, and the distance between the teams in the first minutes of the quarter jumped from three to one point in our favor. As a result, «PARMA» achieved their goal and again took the lead, but not for long. The effective attacks of Marble and Silins again equalized the score and Jeremiah Hill returned «Astana» the role of the leader. The hosts did not give up and stepped on our heels in an attempt to catch up with our guys. Until the end of the third quarter, the score became equal again, but Jeremiah was unstoppable and worked wonders today from behind the arc, making another long-distance attempt, and setting the final score after three quarters — 67:70. It is also worth noting that with this three-pointer, Hill updated his personal record in his career, which was now equal to seven three-pointers per game. The game was very nervous, of course this could not but affect the players and their performance. Each point was worth as gold, and this made it much more difficult to score. Coaches also encouraged their players to play more tactical basketball. The score increased very slowly and in five minutes the teams had thirteen points — seven for “PARMA” and six for “Astana”. All these points were scored in a very fierce struggle, Devin Marble and Martins Meyers distinguished themselves in the Astana camp. A little more than three minutes before the final buzzer, a lot of interesting things happened on the court, but apart from two precise free throws from Michael Thompson, the teams did not score points. The pressure grew in the last one and a half minutes. Devin Marble earned two points and brought the advantage of “Astana” to six, but after that “PARMA” realized a long-range hit. Emil Rajkovic took another time-out to brief his players, and a little more than one minute remained until the end of the match. After the tactical pause of «Astana», everything started to unravel pretty quickly. Thomas and Meyers dealt with the opponent's defense and +5 for “Astana” as a result, but a precise three-pointer from the Permians made the difference in the score look intriguing again. Thirty seconds before the end of the match, our team was leading by only one point and used the maximum amount of time in the last attack, but the throw was inaccurate.
In other words, «PARMA» had no time left for the rebound, even to transfer the ball to the other half of the court, and the shot from their own half of the court did not reach the goal. The result of the match was the victory of “Astana” with the score 83:84.

Most productive:
  • «PARMA» - Perm guards Lorenzo Williams and Adas Yushkevichus scored 15 points each, while Lorenzo has 5 rebounds and assists, Adas had 6 assists. Forwards Mareks Meyeris and Eigirdas Zhakauskas are the leaders of the rebound team in this match — Mareks has 8 and 9 points and Eigirdas has 11 points.
  • «Astana» — Jeremiah Hill updated his personal record in three-pointers by scoring seven of them and scoring 21 points, he also made 3 rebounds, made 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 block shot. Devin Marble was very stable in this match and showed a confident game — 16 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists. Martins Meyers played excellently under the basket and brought the most important points at the very end of the game — 14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block shot. Ojars Silins dispersed our team well in the first period — 12 points, 4 rebounds. Michael Thompson took on quite a lot of rough work — 9 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists. In controversial moments, Adonis Thomas took the initiative and invariably brought our team forward — 7 points, 3 rebounds.
Head coach of «PARMA» — Kazys Maksvytis:
«We lost, and I, as a coach, must take this defeat upon myself. The team fought, but, unfortunately, played with a bad mental attitude. They acted more actively in attack than in defense. Before the game, I said that matches are won by playing on defense and with the mentality of the defending team. We made many mistakes today. We need to fix this. Getting ready for the next game.»

Head coach of «Astana» — Emil Rajkovic:
«I would like to congratulate «PARMA” on a good game. It is always a pleasure to play at Molot with the fans in the stands. It was a nice change of scenery. For us, the recent period would be difficult and, perhaps, this is only the second game in which we played as a full squad. We had some mistakes in the game, but the team acted more collected this time. We played better offensively and stuck to the plan. This is a very important victory for us and I hope that we will play better in the next match.»

Next match: before the end of this year, the team of Emil Rajkovic will have to play another VTB United League match, which will take place on Saturday, December 26 — our guys will host the tournament leaders — “Zenit”  St. Petersburg.

Detailed information about the tournament, tournament tables, schedule, and match results are published in the Tournaments section.

Information about the opponent

Established year: 2012 Team colors: white, dark blue
Country: Russia Arena: UDS «Molot»
City: Perm Website: parmabasket.ru


«PARMA» - is a Russian professional men's basketball club from the Perm Territory, founded in 2012.

  • Russian Cup Winner 2015/2016, 2018/2019
  • Bronze medalist of the Russian Cup 2016/2017
  • Super League bronze medalist 2015/2016

Overall team photo