VTB United league 2019/2020
Krasnoyarskiy region
VTB United league, Regular season
01.03.2020, 17:00 Su
Arena: «Arena.Sever» (Krasnoyarsk)
Main time
22:18 17:20 14:22 11:18
Game number: RS-112
Spectators: 1739

«Astana» goes to the most eastern city of VTB United League to visit the «Enisey»

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The team of the Presidential Basketball Club “Astana” will meet in spring in Krasnoyarsk, where on March 1 they will hold a return match of the VTB United League against the local «Enisey».

«Enisey» - is a Russian professional men's basketball club from the city of Krasnoyarsk, founded in 1981. This season, in addition to participating in the VTB United League, they are playing in the FIBA Europe Cup.

  • Champion of Division “B” of the Russian Super League — 2006
  • Russian Cup Bronze Medalist — 2011

Basketball club Enisey 2019/2020

In the first round match of the regular season with the Krasnoyarsk team, which was held in early January in Nur-Sultan, “Astana” pulled out a victory with an advantage of 5 points — 95:90. After that game, «Enisey» had played 5 more matches within the VTB United League and simultaneously had played 4 games in the FIBA Europe Cup. The beginning of the year was not easy for the Russian team: after the defeat in Nur-Sultan, the Siberians lost their home victory in the match with the Polish “Stelmet Zielona Gora”. Then followed a two-match trip to the leaders of the VTB United League, in the Moscow suburbs “Enisey” was close to sensation, losing only 4 points to “Khimki”, then in Krasnodar they lost 15 points to “Loko”. In early February, Krasnoyarsk again missed the victory at home, losing “PARMA” 2 points. In the last game, before the break for the All-Star Game, «Enisey» was able to defeat «Kalev» at home — 86:73. In the FIBA Europe Cup, «Enisey»also lost all their January matches, but won the last game of the second round, though it didn’t solve anything and the Krasnoyarsk team completed their performance at the FIBA Europe Cup.

Standings: despite the not very successful start of the season, “Enisey” is currently on the 5th line of the standings. All this thanks to the excellent start of the Krasnoyarsk team at the beginning of the season and the first half of the regular season as a whole — in 10 matches before the New Year they won 6 matches, while they won in matches with leaders such as CSKA, «Lokomotiv-Kuban» and UNICS. “Astana” is now on the 11th line, while it’s important to understand that at the moment in the standings there is such an intense competition that our guys are only one victory behind the Krasnoyarsk team. If successful, “Astana” will be ahead of rivals from Krasnoyarsk, may return to the playoff zone, but the final outcome will also depend on the results of other matches of the upcoming weekend. In case of defeat, «Astana» will not change its position in the table, but the playoff zone will be further away. This is an away match, and this season our team will not succeed in guest games. But you always need to remain optimistic, especially since the wards of Emil Rajkovic have every chance to cope with their rivals.

Changes in the roster: on January 13, the American guard Darius Morris was expelled from «Enisey», but he spent his last game in the VTB United League on November 11 but was not announced in the match against «Astana». As for the newcomers, they are none in the «Enisey» team since the last game with «Astana». 

Leaders of the rivals: the leaders of the team are the powerful Croatian forward Tomislav Zubcic, who is the most effective and American guard Davion Berry, the most productive, and both of these players brought the most problems to the Kazakhstan team in the last full-time match. The American Center Dustin Hog is also one of the leaders of the team, as part of «Enisey», he is the best in rebounds and most often the opponent breaks the rules on it. Guard Denis Zakharov stands out from the Russian players. Base players also include Serbian guard Nicola Rebic, American forward Garlon Green and Russian forward Alexander Gudumak. Coach Drazen Anzulovic, constantly lets the American guard Chavaughn Lewis on the court, as well as a small forward Artem Komissarov and guard Ivan Viktorov. Center Ilya Popov and guard Sergei Mitusov also often come out at the start, but their average time on the court is less than 10 minutes per match.

The match will take place on Sunday, March 1 in Krasnoyarsk at the Arena North venue, beginning at 17:00 Nur-Sultan time. Online broadcast of the match will be available on our website in the Match Center section, as well as in a replay on the QazSport TV channel at 19:45.

Ticketon.kz website has opened the sale of tickets for home matches of the capital's team on March 8 against the Estonian «Kalev» and  on March 15 against the Saratov «Avtodor». Both meetings will be held in Nur-Sultan in the arena of the Sports Complex «Zhekpe-Zhek.»

Detailed information about the tournament, standings, the schedule and match results are published in the Tournaments section.

Astana returned to VTB United League playoff zone after away victory over «Enisey»

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The capital's basketball players of «Astana» Presidential Basketball Club has gained an important victory in an away match against the Krasnoyarsk «Enisey» and returned to the VTB United League playoff zone.

Krasnoyarsk «Enisey» had difficulties in this match: a guard Davion Berry had left the team, and Tomislav Zubchich and Chavon Lewis are on the injured list. This played in favor of our team and provided an excellent opportunity to improve the statistics of away games. The outcome of the match was very important for both teams. In case of victory, “Astana” re-entered the group of teams, which fights for places from 5th to 8th in the playoff zone. Emil Rajkovic entrusted the start of the match to James Florence, Dushan Ristic, Malcolm Hill, Maxim Marchuk and Alexander Zhigulin.

The toss was won by Dusan Ristic, but in the first attack, James Florence made a loss, but immediately rehabilitated, having made a steal. The first points in the game were scored by Maxim Marchuk, having realized two free throws. After that, “Enisey” went ahead and when the score reached  7: 2 in favor of our rivals Emil Raikovich was forced to take a timeout to stop the hosts' breakthrough. After a tactical pause, James Florence realized a three-pointer; the first in this game with both teams. By the middle of the first period, Malcolm Hill evened the score with his three-pointers. “Enisey” again came forward and was able to keep chasing our team until the end of ten minutes. “Astana” played the role of catching up, but could not even the score. The gap for our team after 10 minutes of the match was 4 points. At the start of the second period, Malcolm Hill again equalized the score in the match, “Astana” could not come forward. After several minutes of equal struggle, the Siberians were able to make a small margin, reaching seven points of advantage. “Astana” took less than 2 minutes to completely catch up and come back to the game, and Drazen Anzulovic already took the time-out. Our team again failed to step forward and, according to the results of the first half, lost with a minimal margin of 39:38.

James Florence Basketball club Astana

After a long break, the fight on the court went on. “Astana” once again equalized and once again something was not enough for our guys to come forward. The capital's basketball players experienced a slight decline in the game, which the skillful hosts took advantage of and were able to pull away by 7 points. But after this, the problems began on the contrary for “Enisey”. Wards of Emil Rajkovic began to confidently recoup their backlog. Two minutes before the end of the third period, Jeremiah Hill equalized the score. The next minute the score remained the same. Stephen Holt earned the right for free throws and, having scored one of them, brought our team forward for the first time since the start of the match. In the remaining quarter time, the opponents could not score points, unlike our team. Jeremiah Hill distinguished himself at the end of the period, realizing a three-pointer with almost a buzzer. The final quarter began with an advantage of the Kazakhstan team of 7 points, but our guys continued to gain points and increase the lead. Meanwhile, the game at the “Enisey” went pear-shaped. The coaching staff of Krasnoyarsk took another timeout after the spurt of “Astana” from the end of the third period had reached 0:16, and the difference between the teams exceeded 10 points. A minute break helped and “Enisey” was able to score the first points in the fourth quarter. Closer to the middle of the period, they were able to realize a three-pointer and in the same attack received the right to two free-throws, thus earning 5 points per attack. But despite this, the game of our team looked more confident, and the difference pretty quickly again reached a double-digit number. Until the end of the match, the teams scored not so many points, and “Astana” confidently brought the match to victory — 64:78 (22:18, 17:20, 14:22, 11:18).

Most productive:
  • “Astana” — Malcolm Hill was the most productive in both teams, having earned 22 points for his team, he also recorded 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals. An excellent game was demonstrated by Jeremiah Hill — 17 points + 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Dusan Ristic earned 9 points and 9 rebounds, and James Florence chalked up 10 points.
  • “Enisey” — Denis Zakharov stood out today as a rival — 19 points + 6 rebounds, Garlon Green earned 12 points and 6 rebounds.
  • Head coach of “Astana”, Emil Rajkovic: «I would like to congratulate both teams, it was a very difficult game. This season in the VTB United League there is a very serious competition. «Enisey» was in fifth place before this game. I am very glad that my players survived today. I congratulate them on their victory, ahead of us new challenges and challenges await». 

«Enisey» head coach - Drazen Anzulovic:
– Congratulations to Astana on their victory. And I congratulate my players, but we lacked the skill to complete the game the way we played the first 27 minutes. It is very difficult for us to play without three foreign players. This factor has become key in the end. We had chances in the first 3 quarters to expand our lead, but opponents always scored difficult shots and took offensive rebounds. We were also let down by the scoring of the shots.

«Astana» head coach - Emil Raikovikj:
– I want to congratulate both teams, it was a very difficult game. This season the VTB United League has very serious competition. Enisey was on fifth place before this game. I am very glad that my players stood out today. I congratulate them on their victory, there are new challenges ahead in the league.

Emil Raikovikj Basketball club Astana

Consequences: the victory over “Enisey” became extremely important for “Astana”, not only was it away and slightly adjusted the statistics of our team’s performance, plus our guys caught up with “Nizhny Novgorod” on points (7/10), “ Zenit ” and “Enisey”, and share places with them from the 6th to the 9th. From this group, “PARMA” and “Stelmet Zielona Gora” fell, who spent today a match between themselves. The Poles dropped below, and the Permians secured themselves on the fifth line, having played one game more, and having one more victory.

Next match: «Astana» fans will again be able to enjoy the game of their favorite team live on March 8, when the Estonian «Kalev» will arrive in Nur-Sultan on a return visit. The match will take place in the arena of the sports complex «Zhekpe-zhek.» Tickets are on sale at Ticketon.kz.

On Ticketon.kz website the sale of tickets for the home match of the wards of Emil Rajkovic against the Saratov “Avtodor”, which will be held in the capital on March 15, has already been opened.

Detailed information about the tournament, standings, the schedule and match results are published in the Tournaments section.

Information about the opponent

Established year: 1981 Team colors: white, dark blue
Country: Russia Arena: «Arena.Sever»
City: Krasnoyarskiy region Website: www.basket-enisey.ru


«Enisey» -  is a Russian professional men's basketball team from Krasnoyarsk, founded in 1981.
  • Champion of division «B» of the Russian Super League — 2006
  • Bronze medalist of the Cup of Russia — 2011

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