Figures and facts of the regular season 2016/17

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Source: VTB United league
On Sunday, the regular season of VTB United League has ended, which was the eighth in history.

CSKA with a score of 22 wins and 2 losses became the winner of the regular season. Muscovites will get the advantage of their court on all stages of the playoffs. Russian «Zenith» (21-3) took the second place; the third is taken by «Khimki» (19-5), who bypassed «Lokomotiv-Kuban» (19-5) by additional stat data.
As a result of the regular season, eight teams have also been determined, which from 1st of May will participate in the playoffs. All series will be held to three victories.
In the first round, 1/4 finals, the following teams will play: CSKA (1) — Astana (8), Zenit (2) — VEF (7), Khimki (3) — Yenisei (6) and « Lokomotiv-Kuban «(4) -» UNICS «(5). sums up the stat and facts of the current championship.
32 games out of 156 (20.5%) ended with a difference of five or less points.
9 overtimes for the season (3 times overtimes in a game of Perm «Parma» and Saratov «Avtodor»).
2 Russian players for the first time in history were in Top-6 (Alexey Shved — 2nd place, Sergey Karasev — 6th place).

2 players for the first time in history gained an average of over 20 points in the game (Nick Minnerat and Alex Shved).
3 individual records were updated over the past regular season — points in a game (Keith Langford), steals in a game (DeAndre Kane), career double-doubles (Frank Elegar).
players from the Youth League debuted in the VTB United League this season. They are all 21 or younger: Egor Kurkin, Roman Balandin (Avtodor), Georgy Zhbanov (Nizhny Novgorod), Ilya Usoltsev (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Alexander Platunov (Parma).

20 different countries were represented on the court this season.

83.0 – average points per game by a team (Top-3 in League history).

7 players have competed in all 8 VTB United League seasons – Andrey Vorontsevich, Vitaly Fridzon, Anton Ponkrashov, Nikita Kurbanov, Dmitry Sokolov, Victor Khryapa, Gregor Arbet.

73.2 points per game by Tsmoki-Minsk – that’s a new club record for Minsk, despite finishing last in the League in scoring.

192 players scored at least one point.

2nd time in League history, when two foreign teams play in the quarterfinals (Latvia’s VEF and Kazakhstan’s Astana).

2 teams hosted more than 4,000 fans per game for the first time since 2013 – Parma (5,115) and Lokomotiv-Kuban (4,110).

5 seven-footers (213 cm and taller) played in a game this season – Andrey Desyatnikov (Zenit), Artem Zabelin (Avtodor), Artem Klimenko (Avtodor/UNICS), Alexander Vinnik (Parma), Dmitry Sokolov (Khimki).

27 players above the age of 32 played in the championship this season.

11.5 points – Vitaliy Liutych’s progress in scoring in comparison with the last season in the League (3.2 ppg to 14.7 ppg).

11.5 turnovers per game by UNICS – 1st in the League and second time UNICS losses are minimal .

23.9 assists per game by CSKA – 1st in the League.

70.3 points allowed per game by Lokomotiv-Kuban – 1st in the League.

30 wins by foreign teams.

36 times teams with a score of100 or more points in a game.

234 3-pointers by Nizhny Novgorod – 1st in the League.

81.4% free-throws by Zenit – 1st in the League this season and 2nd-best all-time.

94.8 points per game by CSKA, maximun in League's history.

924 rebounds by Khimki – 1st in the League.

792 – Lokomotiv-Kuban’s League highest game attendance level.

11,000 – number of people that attended the 1st-ever League All-Star Game in Sochi.