Thanks for the season!

05.06.2019, 08:00    Views: 218
Source: Press service

«Astana» Presidential Basketball Club expresses  its gratitude to all for the season!

This season we have a great team — united and ready to fight in every single game. We had a common goal, and we went to it. We have spent the most successful season in the history of the club and became the most decorated men's team in the country. Yes, we made mistakes, but corrected them, moved on, fought to the end every second of every match on every centimeter of the court.  Guys did a great job, they trained hard and gave it all to each game!

We thank each of the players. Thanks to all the imports — Stephen Holt, Michael Jenkins, JJ O'Brien, Kenneth Horton and Jeffrey Grossell for the new emotions and contribution to the development of the team and the entire Kazakhstan basketball. We would like to wish you health and to continue to build  successful careers. Thanks to our players — the captain of the team, Rustam Yergali, Rustam Murzagaliev, Alexander Zhigulin, Maxim Marchuk, Dmitriy Gavrilov and Vadim Scherbak, our newcomers Ruslan Aitkali, Askar Maydekin, Ismail Bimendin and of course, new Kazakh citizen — Anthony Clemmons. We wish you all to have a refreshing vacation before the start of the new season.

We thank the coaching staff — thanks to the head coach Emil Rajkovic, coaches Renatas Kurilionokas, Marko Velichkovich and Sasho Todorovsky for the most successful season of the club. Thanks to doctor Daniyar Kuanyshev and physio Tamerlan Batyrgaliev for protecting our guys from injuries and keeping them in shape. Special thanks to Renatas Kurilionokas for the work done as the head coach of the National Team. We congratulate Emil Rajkovic with the extension of the contract, we wish him further fruitful work and the achievement of new goals.

We thank all the management of the club, as well as our partners for their well-coordinated work and invaluable contribution to the development of the club and the team, without which the achievement of the goals would be impossible.

Dear fans, we always remember who we are playing for, and your support gives us the energy to overcome the most difficult obstacles. You are always with us: in times of success, and in times of failure. In every match we feel your support and we know that we are never alone. Thank you for that! Thank you for this season, dear fans! Thank you for driving the team forward, deafeningly supported and led to the necessary and important victories. Thank you for your likes and comments on social networks, for the bright posters and chants. Thank you for being with us during the setbacks and helping them overcome their faith in the team and the club. Thank you for the indescribable atmosphere that we all create at home games, and which makes our club really special.

Special thanks to our most devoted fans — Askar Bolegenov, Botagoz Baiburova and her mother Dametken Kayrollaevna Kuzinbaeva.

Let not all our plans succeed, but we were and remain one family. We are one team «Astana». Ahead of the new season and new victories! Hold them together! We are leaving, but not for long. We are leaving to return and to protect the proud title of the best team in the country. See you in the new season!

We are pleased to be part of the huge family of Presidential Professional Sports Club «Astana», we are very grateful for the support of the General Partner — Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund and the Social Partner — Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Projects Development Fund. We hope for long-term cooperation and in turn we will strive for even greater sporting results and achievements.

"Samruk-Kazyna" National Welfare Fund

"Samruk-Kazyna Trust" Development Fund for Social Projects