Top 5 films that you need to watch before going to the game of «Astana»

18.10.2018, 15:00    Views: 117
Source: Press service
Author: Assem Mirzhekeeva

The masterpieces of the movie's world fill the soul with emotions and immerse us into the depth of emotions that prevail in sports fields. If for one a picture of a famous director becomes just a story filled with romance and a twisty plot, then for our players a feature film can be a motivating guide to action.

We present to your attention a selection of pictures that have left indelible impressions on the basketball players of “Astana” and which they recommend to watch, especially when winter steps in and a slight sadness creeps into your soul.

So, the top five films, in the opinion of captain Rustam Yergali and shooting guard Nikolai Bazhin, is opened by the multi-genre film «The Sixth Man». The plot revolves around a young man named Kenny Carter who lost his meaning after the death of his brother. The pain of loss, the struggle with oneself, the search for the meaning of life interspersed with fantasy are all in one basket there.

Amorous notes in our selection were added by our guard Vadim Shcherbak and forward JJ O'Brien, reserving a fourth place for the American film “Love and Basketball”. But how can one do without high feelings even in the busy schedule of a basketball player? The eternal dilemma of the relationship between a man and a woman, an explosion of emotions, a drama of the courting period harmoniously merge in the storyline of the director. Recommended watching with a cup of delicious tea and in the company of a loved one.

The top three leaders of the TOP-5 is opened by the picture of the early 90s «White Men Can't Jump». Is it so? The film strongly recommended to you by our center Jeffrey Grossel. The Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes, of course, makes the film more interesting, bringing in a gangster charm. The film takes us to the heated outdoor basketball courts, where the game goes for the big score.

Like any sports team, our basketball family does not like it when an opponent sets his rules on the home court. This is confirmed with certainty by forwards Kenneth Horton and Askar Maydekin. This is probably why the film «Glory Road' stands in our movie-chart. The plot revolves around a basketball coach who recruits players of different skin colors. However, color, nationality, religious views have absolutely no meaning for our players. We are, without a doubt, one team!

Move forward and reach the top that is what our players center Alexander Zhigulin, forward Ruslan Aitkali and center Dmitry Gavrilov would like to offer as an advice for you. Their words are justified by the box-office Russian film “Moving Up,” released in 2017. The events of the film unfold during the Olympic Games of 1972 and show what the team had to go through and how they managed to achieve victory in the world championship. And as it turned out, the key to success for the team was, first of all, the team spirit and strong friendship.

A film based on real events that took place in 1999 in California became the hands-down winner for our basketball team «Astana». “Coach Carter” left indelible impressions on our players, and they unanimously advised to spend a little less than two hours to watch it and feel the energy of life around the ball and the ring.

There is always a room for a choice! But, you see, when the professionals of “Astana” recommend it is a sure thing.

P.S. We wish you a pleasant time watching basketball not only sitting in front of the TV but also feeling the full energy of our players in reality. And for this, we are waiting for you on October 21 at 3.00 pm on the Republican cycle track «Saryarka», where the fight will unfold almost like in a movie between the capital's players and St. Petersburg «Zenit».