Basketball players of «Astana» are six-time champions of Kazakhstan

06.05.2018, 12:09    Views: 337
Source: Press service
Author: Almira Shakhaeva

Two irreconcilable rivals — «Astana» and «Barsy Atyrau» competed for the title of the country's best club.
Basketball club «Astana» held an undisputed victory in the entire final series and won the title of Champion of Kazakhstan in basketball. In the third and final match, the capital's Gullivers won with a score of 54:80.

Anton Ponomarev became the best player of the match and scored 22 points, Justin Carter brought 15 points.
Silver goes to the team «Barsy Atyrau» respectively, bronze medals in a drama series have been won by «Tobol» from the city of Kostanay.

At the end of the championship, according to tradition, five best players of the championship of Kazakhstan were determined:
The best point guard is Azim Yagodkin (Caspian, Aktau)
The best shooting guard is John Taylor (Barca Atyrau)
Best light forward is Anatoly Kolesnikov (Astana)
The best power forward is Da Kwan Kuk (Barty Atyrau)
The best center is Anton Bykov (Tobol, Kostanay)

Summarizing the results of this season, we can say that for «Astana» it turned out to be quite good. Basketball players of «Astana» won the title of the champion of the country for the sixth time, in March they became winners of the Kazakhstan Cup 2018.

The head coach of «Astana» Mikhail Karpenko summed up the results of the Championship:

- It might seem so judging by the score, that the game was easy enough for us, but it was not so at all. We chose the tactics of aggressive defense and quick attack after rebound on our glass, and after the steals, we tried to keep the pace of the whole match. If in the first half of the game «Barsy» had enough strength to cope with us and somewhere even constrained us and even catch up in a score, then in the second half of the match this tactic has justified itself and the opponent lost ground and we had our chance to increase our advantage in this game.
I want to thank all the players, the entire coaching staff, medical staff, the club's management, the administration of our club, as this is our common victory. I want to congratulate our fans who have supported us all the season.

We are the champions, we are the best in Kazakhstan, we have proved it again. Though the season is not over yet for us, we continue to perform in the VTB League and as long as we have chances, we will fight to the last.
Let's wish good luck to our guys and once again congratulate with the victory in the Championship of Kazakhstan National League.