Basketball players of «Astana» went to Atyrau

04.05.2018, 13:00    Views: 246
Source: Press service
Author: Almira Shakhaeva

Astana basketball team flew to Atyrau, where on May 5 and 6 the final games of the Kazakhstan Basketball Championship among men's teams will take place.

The previous two games of the final series, which were held in Astana, capped by the victory of Astana citizens (92:69, 96:79).

Head coach Mikhail Karpenko commented on the upcoming game:
- We have games on the road in Atyrau, and of course, I really hope that we will have only one match to decide the outcome of the series in our favor. For «Barsy» the situation is that they have nowhere to retreat, in case of defeat the series ends and there is no more chance of entering the final for them. Therefore, we are waiting for a fierce struggle from the opponent, we are waiting for resistance, we are waiting for a tough contact game, but at the same time, our team and our players are determined to prove once again that «Astana» is the strongest club in Kazakhstan. The team is ready, we leave for the game being concentrated and assertive and we will play and fight only for victory in tomorrow's match.

The games will be held in «Avangard» complex in Atyrau. The match begins at 19.30 by the time of Astana. The broadcast the match is available on the site and the website of the Federation of Basketball