«Astana» wins the Kazakhstan Basketball Cup 2018

07.03.2018, 23:00    Views: 233
Source: Press service
Author: Almira Shakhaeva

Today the final of the Kazakhstan Cup in basketball among men's teams took place, two irreconcilable rivals BC «Astana» and BC «Barsy Atyrau» mat on the court.

Last year in the finals exactly these teams challenged the gold medals of the Cup, then the well-deserved trophy was handed to the team «Astana». The final match this year also turned out not easy, but the game was spectacular and emotional.

The game score was opened by a team from Atyrau, «Astana» responded with an accurate two-point throw. Opponent began to attack from behind the arc, «Astana» also demonstrated the magic of a long-range throw. The period passed calmly and was won by «Barsy» — 21:17. The second quarter was more active. Opponent made mistakes, did not get into the ring, which was used by «Astana» in its favor. As a result, the second period ended with a score of 37:31 in favor of «Astana». After a big break, the players of Mikhail Karpenko simply did not give the chance to the opponent even to think about the victory and already in the third period, the gap reached +15 points. The final quarter seemed to last forever, the teams were tired by one order, each player had three or four personal remarks, and every wrong move cost the teams a lot. But, nevertheless, this did not affect the game, the players of «Astana» cheered the fans with beautiful dunks and complicated throws. The meeting ended with a score of 72:61 in favor of «Astana». Capital basketball players became the winners of the Cup of Kazakhstan for the sixth time.

Silver awards were given to «Barsy Atyrau» and «Tobol» from Kostanay won bronze in a stubborn struggle.

Acting head coach of BC «Astana» Mikhail Karpenko:
- Naturally, we are satisfied with the result. Victory is always very pleasing, it is nice to prove to everyone that we are the strongest. There were moments when in game situations we did not look as confident as we wanted, nevertheless, we won all three matches, won with a good difference and we can say that we are really the strongest. For me, this is the first title in «Astana», the first cup, I'm very happy and I would like to thank the whole team, the players, the leadership for the trust, for their help in achieving this prize. I personally want to dedicate this victory to my family, my wife, my daughters, who are far away from me, and to the parents who are my most devoted fans. I hope this victory is not the last of the season. Thank all of you all for your support and once again congratulate on the victory!

According to the old basketball tradition, the five best players of the Cup of Kazakhstan were determined:

  • The best point guard — Azim Yagodkin (BC «Caspian»)
  • The best shooting guard — Shaim Kuanov (BC «Tobol»)
  • Best light forward — Rustam Ergali (BC «Astana»)
  • The best power forward — Alexander Zhigulin (BC «Astana»)
  • The best center is Pavel Mikheev (BC «Caspian»)

Once again, we congratulate  «Astana», all the players, the coaching staff and the management with the first trophy this season!

The next matches of  «Astana» will be held on its court, on 11 March, Astana basketball players will host «Khimki» from Moscow within the framework of the VTB United League.