«Loko» defense disarms «Astana»

10.12.2017, 20:00    Views: 535
Source: VTB United league

«Lokomotiv-Kuban» defeated «Astana» on its home court — 83:50 (19:16, 23:12, 21:17, 20: 5).

«Lokomotiv» could not immediately take the initiative. In the middle of the second quarter, the hosts were only one point ahead — 29:28. But after that, the attack of «Astana» stalled — until a long break, «Loko» shot 13 unanswered points. In the third period, Joe Ragland and Mardi Collins continued to test to the limit the defense of Kazakhstan team with their long throws, and at some point, the difference became 20 points — 63:43. Even with such an advantage, «Loko» did not slow down in defense: in the last quarter, «Astana» was able to score only 5 points.

The most effective:

  • «Astana»: Justin Carter (17 + 9 rebounds), Anthony Clemmons (14)
  • «Lokomotiv-Kuban»: Joe Ragland (16 + 7 assists), Brian Kwale (13 + 9 rebounds), Mardy Collins (12), Frank Ellegar (11)

The head coach of «Astana» Kostas Flevarakis:
- We had a big break. Not all players have played today. Rustam Ergali was absent due to illness, our new player Malcolm Grant also could not take part in the match — all these factors affected the result. We need to forget everything and start preparing for the next game.

Head coach of «Locomotiv-Kuban» Sasha Obradovic:
- After Berlin and Eurocup a game with «Astana» was a very important  for us. All the players were good in defense and in attack — I'm happy that we won here.

Astana will hold its next game on its court, on December 13 and 14. The basketball team will host Kostanay «Tobol» in the frame of the National League of Kazakhstan Championship.