VTB United league 2017/2018
VTB United league, Regular season
17.12.2017, 15:00 Su
Arena: Velotrek «Saryarka» (Astana)
Over time
19:22 6:16 20:19 21:9 7:12
Game number: RS-53
Spectators: 968

 «Astana» hosts «UNICS»

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Источник: Press service
Автор: Almira Shakhaeva
On a holiday, December 17, the capital basketball club will host another game in the framework of the VTB United League championship against the team from Kazan — «UNICS».
Chronicle of past meetings:
The basketball club from Kazan has been participating for the ninth season in the VTB United League. During this time, «UNICS» became a three-time silver medalist of the VTB United League, and also init has a bronze medal of this tournament on its account. As for personal games with «Astana», the teams met 10 times on the court. Only once «Astana» was able to defeat Kazan at home with a score of 87:67 in the 2014/2015 season.
Current situation:
The coaching staff of the Kazan club is headed by the compatriot of the main coach of Astana, the Greek expert Dimitris Priftis, with whom, by the way, Flevarakis worked together at the club «AEK.» The leader of the team a center Stefan Lasme from Gabon gains, on average, 15 points for the game. The player of Spain National Team Huakin Kolom, who as a part of the Kazan command, became the silver prize-winner of the Championship of Russia and the United League VTB pleases the fans for the third season in a row.
Basketball club «UNICS» takes the fourth place in the standings of the VTB League with the result of 6 wins and 1 loss. Basketball players of Astana is at the tenth place with an asset of 2 wins.
The comment of the head coach:
- Unfortunately, our new player Grant will not be able to take part in this game, but in any case, there will be a tough game against one of the best teams of the VTB League and Eurocup. UNICS has an excellent team of players in every position, athletic experience and talent. We need to play with full energy and prevent the loss of the ball in the attack, and we also need individual and team defense, which will give us confidence in the game.
Where, when, at what time?
Arena: Republican cycle track «Saryarka»
Time: 15.00, time of Astana
Broadcast: VTB United League website, BC «Astana» website, «QazSport» TV channel

Overtime in Kazakhstan! UNICS snatched victory from «Astana»

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Источник: VTB United league

Russian UNICS won on the road over Kazakhstan's «Astana» in overtime — 78:73 (22:19, 16: 6, 19:20, 9:21, 12: 7).

In the second quarter, Kazan made a weighty claim to the final victory: their defense blocked «Astana» all the ways to the ring, and the hosts managed to score only 6 points. However, after a long break, Astana changed markedly. Leonidas Kaselakis and Justin Carter made a spurt of accurate shoots -  17 out of 20 points scored by «Astana» in the third quarter. In the final game, the hosts continued to reduce the gap — they lagged only one point behind — 62:63 two minutes before the end of the game after a long-range shoot made by Anton Ponomarev.

In the decisive minutes of the game, the initiative was taken by Anton Ponkrashov, who made a sharp three-pointer. But Anthony Clemmons stroke back another long throw bringing the difference to 1 point again in 30 seconds before the end of the game. In the last attack, irrepressible Carter could bring «Astana» a sensational victory, but only realized another plan — overtime!

In an additional five-minute UNICS continued to bet on long-range shots — Ponkrashov shot two sharp throws behind the arc, and then Joaquin Colom succeded — the first accurate shoot for the whole game made by the Spanish player! It was also him, who made the winning point in the whole game, realizing two free throws and bringing the score to «-5» as a result. This difference became critical — hosts did not have time to catch up.

The most effective:

  • «Astana»: Larry Gordon (18), Leonidas Kaselakis (18), Justin Carter (13 + 8 rebounds + 8 assists + 4 steals), Anthony Clemmons (10 + 7 rebounds)
  • UNICS: Jamar Smith (20), Anton Ponkrashov (14 + 7 assists), Stefan Lasme (14 + 11 rebounds)

The head coach of «Astana» Kostas Flevarakis:
- I have a feeling that this season we miss two victories — I'm talking about games with Khimki and today's game with UNICS. A very insulting defeat. Everything was in our hands, but, unfortunately, we were not able to win. We did well in the second half and deserved to win. I'm glad that despite the problems we are ready to fight against big teams. Of course, there is a positive dynamics, we will continue to work on the errors and will go on preparing for the next games.

Head coach of «Astana» Dimitris Priftis:
- This was a very interesting game, we had the advantage in the first half, we owned the ball, hit almost all open shots and were quite effective. In the second half «Astana» had a zone defense, which brought us certain problems. Whatever it was, the game continued in overtime, where we were carried through by three-pointers. I would like to congratulate «Astana» and coach Kostas Flevarakis with a good game.

«Astana» will hold the next match on the road, on December 25, it will meet with the Moscow CSKA in the framework of the VTB United League.

Information about the opponent

Established year: 1991 Team colors: white, green
Country: Russia Arena: Basket Hall
City: Kazan Website: www.unics.ru


UNICS - is a Russian professional men's basketball club from the city of Kazan.
  • The silver prizewinner of the championship of Russia — 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007
  • Bronze medalist of the Russian championship — 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009-2011, 2013/14
  • Winner of the Cup of Russia — 2003, 2009, 2014
  • Champion of Euroleague FIBA — 2003/2004
  • Winner of the European Cup — 2010/2011
  • Finalist of the European Cup — 2013/2014
  • Champion NEBL — 2002/2003
  • Silver medalist of the VTB United League — 2009/2010, 2011/2012, 2015/2016
  • Bronze medalist of the VTB United League — 2010/2011

Overall team photo