VTB United league 2017/2018
VTB United league, Regular season
18.11.2017, 15:00 Sa
Arena: Velotrek «Saryarka» (Astana)
Main time
30:19 21:16 26:14 15:26
Game number: RS-37
Spectators: 1931
Krasnoyarskiy region

«Astana» hosts «Enisey»

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Источник: Press service
Автор: Almira Shakhaeva
Tomorrow, on November 18, «Astana» basketball club will hold its seventh match in the framework of the VTB United League championship against BC «Enisey» (Krasnoyarsk). The match will take place in the city of Astana.
After a series of away games, the team will finally play on its home court, which will give more confidence and support to the team.
Chronicle of past meetings:
For Krasnoyarsk team, likewise Astana, this season is the seventh in the VTB League. As for personal games with «Astana», for 6 previous seasons, 6 matches were played, «Astana» won 2 of them, the victory at home was especially spectacular. «Astana» had two overtimes and won the match against the Krasnoyarsk team with a score of 98:97. The hero of the match was the American defender, Robert Lauri.
Current situation:
For three seasons the team is headed by Russian specialist Oleg Okulov. One of the leaders of the team is the Nigerian point-guard Suleiman Braimo. This season he is one of the most effective players of «Yenisey», with an average of 14 points per game. A good trio also makes American players Zabian Dowdell, Anthony Hilliard and Octavius ​​Ellis, who basically build the game.
The team from Krasnoyarsk is on the 9th place in the standings, the capital basketball club finds itself a line below. Nevertheless, the percentage of games played is higher for «Astana».
The comment of the head coach:
- «Yenisey» has enough number of dangerous players who throw and defend well. Therefore, we need to be extremely focused for all 40 minutes. Now we are looking forward to the match on our home court. Kazakh players and Kaselakis, who know this atmosphere, are expecting the game even more. Of course, we will need to play extremely carefully on the defence, especially one to one. And I'm sure that our team's defence will be better this time.
Where, when?
Arena: Republican cycle track «Saryarka»
Time: 15.00 by the time of Astana.
Broadcast: VTB United League website, website of BC «Astana», TV channel «QazSport» (14.50 pm).

«Astana» unlocked its potential in game with «Enisey»

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Источник: VTB United league
«Astana» won a home game over Krasnoyarsk «Yenisey» — 92:75 (30:19, 21:16, 26:14, 15:26).
From the very beginning of the game,  «Astana»  seized the initiative. Justin Carter was unsupressable, who scored 10 points by the middle of the first quarter. After his spectacular dunk over Suleiman Bryamo the advantage became double-digit — 20:10 in favour of «Astana.»
Soon Astana leader initiative was supported by other foreign players. Leonidas Kaselakis made several effective attacks (15 points in the first half), Anthony Clemmons added aggression in a drive for the basket, and Larry Gordon supported the attack with his long-range throws (3 of 4). It was his three-pointer doublet that allowed Astana increase in the advantage to «+20» — 40:20 at the start of the second quarter.
In the course of the second quarter,  Krasnoyarsk team tried to regain control over the game and at some point closed the gap to 13 points. But this was only a temporary shift of balance. The starting of the third 10-minute finally put everything in its place. Guests missed open shots and often made losses. «Astana» did not forgive the opponent these mistakes. Several rapid attacks and accurate three-pointers allowed the yellow-blue to extend its advantage to «+25» — 64:39. In the final quarter, the Siberians played better in defence, but they could not regain the intrigue. Thus, «Astana» wins a second victory of the season, and «Yenisey» has the second defeat in a row.
Hero - Leonidas Kaselakis. «Yenisey» is the most convenient opponent for the forward. Last season the Greek player played well in an away game in Krasnoyarsk. The current match can be considered the best for Kaselakis for two years in Astana. Leonidas updated several personal league records at once: points scored (25), efficiency (28), made field goal (8), field goals percentage (66.7%) and three-pointers (5 of 8 — 62, 5%).
Number: 52% (11 of 21) — the excellent accuracy of three-pointers by Astana players has become one of the key factors of their victory.
The most effective:
  • «Astana»: Leonidas Kaselakis (25 + 7 rebounds), Justin Carter (20), Larry Gordon (16), Anthony Clemmons (15 + 6 assists + 3 steals)
  • «Enisey»: Anthony Hilliard (20), Vitaly Lyutych (12).
The head coach of «Astana» Kostas Flevarakis:
- It turned out that we played three quarters very well — moved the ball in offence and acted good in defence. There were minor problems with personal fouls — for example, Justin Carter started the match very well, but then he had to return to the bench. But at the same time, those who came to replace worked out their minutes well. I want to congratulate my team, club, all employees and fans on this victory. We have a little break, which, I hope, will benefit everyone.
Head coach of the «Yenisey» Oleg Okulov:
- First of all, we lost in contact game in the first quarter, we felt a certain lack of confidence in the end of the attacks. All this gave the opponent the opportunity to break away. We changed defence strategy, but it did not work.

The next match of «Astana» will be held on its home court, on December 10, they will play with Krasnodar «Lokomotiv» within the framework of the VTB United League.

Information about the opponent

Established year: 1981 Team colors: white, dark blue
Country: Russia Arena: «Arena.Sever»
City: Krasnoyarskiy region Website: www.basket-enisey.ru


«Enisey» -  is a Russian professional men's basketball team from Krasnoyarsk.
  • Champion of Division B of the Russian Super League 2006
  • Bronze medalist of the Cup of Russia 2011

Overall team photo