VTB United league 2017/2018
VTB United league, Regular season
30.10.2017, 22:30 Mon
Arena: BCMO (Khimki)
Game number: RS-24

Information about the opponent

Established year: 1997 Team colors: yellow, dark blue
Country: Russia Arena: BC «Khimki»
City: Khimki Website: bckhimki.ru


«Khimki» — is a russian professional men's basketball team from the Moscow region.

«Khimki» Basketball Club was founded in January 5, 1997.
In the 1997/1998 season the team made its debut in the first division of the National Championship and took confidently the first place.
In the 1998/1999 season , taking part in the High League, the team took first place ahead of schedule, achieving the right to play in the Super League A.
In the 1999/2000 season, Khimki secured their place in the top ten clubs of the country, and received a ticket to the European Korac Cup, where the team defeated the leaders of Turkish, Yugoslav and Bulgarian championships.
Over the next two seasons, «Khimki» made one more step, finishing seventh again in the National championship and having only one step from the playoffs of the European Korac Cup.
In the 2002/2003 season Moscow team made a significant step to the top of the Russian Basketball: Khimki took fourth place. BC «Khimki» became the only club in Europe, who managed to beat the Russian champion and participant in the Euroleague Final Four CSKA on its playground.
In the 2003/2004 season «Khimki» finished fifth in the domestic Super League,  taking part in the «Final Four» Cup of the country.
In the 2004/2005 season BC Khimki played in the Challenge Cup. The team not only qualified  the playoffs, but also won a place in the Final Four of the tournament, becoming the third in the prestigious continental tournament.
In the 2005/2006 season, Khimki took 3rd place in the regular season and reached the playoffs and lost to CSKA. In the Challenge Cup final 2005/06 «Khimki» have given way to the Spanish «Joventut». In October 7, 2006 «Khimki» had a friendly game with  «Los Angeles Clippers», a club of NBA, loosing with a score of 91:98.
In the 2006/2007 season, «Khimki» won bronze medals of the Russian Championship.
In the 2007/2008 season «Khimki» like two years ago, won the silver of the Russian Championship. But it was not the main achievement of «Khimki» of the season. In the final of the Cup of Russia «Khimki» under direction of Kestutis Kemzury beat CSKA — 85:67, and won the prestigious trophy for the first time in the club’s history.
In December 2008, well-known Italian specialist Sergio Scariolo headed a team.
In the 2008/2009 season the team won again the silver medal of the Russian Championship, losing to CSKA, Moscow in the final.
In the 2009/2010 season, «Khimki» debuted in the Euroleague. The team got into Group D, having such rivals as Madrid «Real» e, Athens “Panathinaikos «, Polish» Prokom «, Italian»Milan», and German» Oldenburg. «  »Khimki» took third place, having 6 wins in 10 games, and taking place in the Top 16. In the Top 16 club found itself  in the group H in the company to «Olympiacos», «Basque Country», «Cibona». Before the last round of «Khimki» contested with the «Basque Country» for an exit in the quarter-finals, but due to the fact that the overall count of gained and missed points of «Khimki» team was worse «Basque Country» qualified for the playoff. «Khimki» reached the final in the championship of Russia  and conceded CSKA in three games.
Season 2010/2011. After two years of working at the club, in December 2010, the Italian coach of yellow-blue Sergio Scariolo was dismissed from the post of head coach. Oleg Meleschenko was appointed as a head coach of BC «Khimki». After another defeat of the metropolitan club Meleschenko was fired in March 12, 2011. A well-known Lithuanian specialist Rimas Kurtinaytis became the head coach of the club.
In April 23, 2011 «Khimki» won their first trophy under the guidance Rimas Kurtinaytis . The team won the VTB United League, beating CSKA in the finals.
In the 2011/2012 season the team took second place in the PBL, losing only to CSKA. The team won the European Cup the same season, after beating the Spanish «Valencia» with a score of 77:68. Thus, «Khimki» had the opportunity to play in the group stage of the Euroleague in the next season.
In the 2012/2013 season «Khimki», as the European Cup winners, were back in the Euroleague. In the regular season of the Euroleague, Khimki became second with  its six wins and four defeats, giving place only to Madrid «Real». When competing  in top 16 «Khimki» did not have just one win in order to reach the play-off tournament. Khimki  reached the semi-finals in VTB United League Moscow, but lost a series of games to CSKA Moskva, who eventually became the champion.
Season 2013/2014. As a semi-finalist of VTB United League BC «Khimki» has received the right to play in the qualifying round of the Euroleague and compete for a ticket to the strongest European club basketball tournament. The team was challenged to qualify and enter the Euroleague regular season. But Moscow team was defeated in the first round of qualifying round, losing to Belgian club «Ostend». «Khimki» again took part in the European Cup, where it reached 1/8 finals and finally lost to the Spanish «Valencia». “Khimki” took advantage over Saratov «Avtodor» in the quarterfinals of the Cup of Russia, later the team of yellow and blue met with Kazan UNICS in the semi-finals, but sustained a defeat. In frames of  VTB United League «Khimki» as the winner of the regular season, got the home court advantage in all the stages, but in quarterfinal it lost to «Nizhny Novgorod».
In spite of the bad season, the club has expressed support and confidence to the head coach Rimas Kurtinaitis, concluding a new two-year agreement with him. The team was tasked to reach the final of VTB United League and win in the Eurocup.
Season 2014/2015. «Khimki» took the group qualifications of the European Cup, as well as the the playoffs without much difficulty. In the final series basketball players met with the Spanish «Gran Canaria» and had a convincing victory. Becoming the winner of the European Cup, Khimki received a right to play in the Euroleague 2015/2016. In the regular season of VTB League «Khimki» lost to CSKA Moscow, but in the playoffs beat  Saratov «Avtodor» and Krasnodar «Lokomotiv-Kuban». In the final series to three victories Khimki gave way to CSKA and took the second place.

  • Silver medalist of Russia Championship in 2006, 2008-2013, 2015
  • Bronze medalist of Russia Championship 2007
  • The winner of the Cup of Russia 2008
  • The champion of the VTB United League 2010/2011
  • Silver medalist of the VTB United League 2014/2015
  • The finalist of the European Cup ULEB 2008/2009
  • The finalist of the European Cup 2005/2006
  • Member of «Final Four» FIBA Euroleague 2004/2005
  • Member of the «Final Four» of VTB United League 2009/2010
  • The winner of the European Cup 2011/2012, 2014/2015