VTB United league 2016/2017
VTB United league, Play-offs 1/4 final
07.05.2017, 17:30 Su
Arena: USC CSKA (Moscow)
Main time
22:16 23:16 25:19 26:23
Game number: QF/8
Spectators: 1200

CSKA uses depth to wear down «Astana»

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Источник: VTB United league
CSKA defeated Astana in the second game of 1/4 series — 94:74 (22:16, 23:16, 25:19, 24:23).
Unlike in the first game, the Army club could not immediately create a comfortable score gap. Mikhail Kulagin’s two three-pointers in a row plus a throw by Corey Higgins became that X-factor at the beginning of the second quarter, which made the hosts' advantage doubtless (31:20). The deepness of the red-and-blue roster revealed itself even in the third quarter, when Nando De Colo, Aaron Jackson and Nikita Kurbanov joined the game, increasing the score difference to «+19». At the beginning of the final quarter, the guests made a breakthrough, but it was easily quenched by the oldest of Kulagin brothers Dmitriy with his five points in a row. The series moves to Astana with the score 2: 0 in favour of CSKA.
The most effective:
CSKA Moscow: Nando De Colo (15), Aaron Jackson (11)
«Astana»: Robert Lowry (19 + 6 assists), Ousman Krubelly (12), Ian Miller (12), Leonidas Kaselakis (10)
Head coach of CSKA Dimitris Itoudis:
- Congratulations on victory to the team. We definitely played better in many aspects compared to the first match. Now we lead 2-0 in a series and are preparing to play against «Astana» on a visit, where the opponent will make us struggle.
Head coach of «Astana» Ilias Papatheodorou:
- It's difficult for us to play two games in 48 hours against a team like CSKA — we do not have such a long bench. We tried to act better in the attack, create opportunities for free throws. But it was very difficult to keep up with CSKA. The opponent fully deserves this victory. Now we have three days to prepare for a home game, which can be the last one in the series.
The third match of the play-off series will be held in Astana on May 10.  

Information about the opponent

Established year: 1923 Team colors: red, dark blue
Country: Russia Arena: USC CSKA
City: Moscow Website: www.cskabasket.com


CSKA - is a Russian professional men's basketball club from the city of Moscow.
Basketball Club CSKA leads its history since 1924. The exact name before 1928 is unknown, but frequently, including the data on the official website of the club, it is mentioned that in 1924 «at the Central House of the Red Army (CDKA) a basketball section was formed,» and the team immediately had received the name CDKA, which does not appear to be true, as the Central House of the Red Army was opened only in 1928. Since 1928 the club is named CDKA. In 1945, the team became the champion of the USSR, in 1946 won the Silver Cup of the Soviet Union, and in 1947 — the bronze.
In 1949, a team was handed over under command of Vasiliy Stalin, a founder of VVS MVO club, which for four years had become one of the favourites in the championship of the country, and won the third place in 1949 and 1950, the second place — in 1951 and becoming champion in 1952.
In 1960, the club received its current name.
In the 1969/1970 season Alexander Gomelskiy took the position of the head coach. It was him, who led the team to more than 10 victories in the championship of the USSR, and had repeatedly been the winner of the European Cup. 1979 was the last season when Alexander Gomelskiy held his position in the club.
C 1980 CSKA Yury Selikhov, a mentee of Alexander Gomelskiy, became a head coach.  Under his leadership CSKA Moscow continued club's winning streak in the championship of the Soviet Union, taking the first place in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984. Since 1982  Sergey Belov is appointed as a head coach of CSKA.
In 1992, Stanislav G. Yeremin headed CSKA. From 1992 to 2000 under his supervision CSKA won the Championship of Russia 9 times in a row. In 1996, CSKA reached the Final Four of FIBA ​​European League, where in the semi-final it lost to the Greek «Panathinaikos', and beat» Real Madrid « in the match for third place. In 2000, CSKA won the championship NEBL (Nordic League). At the end of the season, in 2000 Yeremin left to UNICS Kazan.
In 2000 the club was led by the former player Valery Tikhonenko. In the season 2000-2002, in a frame of the Super League «A», CSKA was left without medals. For the first time in the club's history a similar incident occurred only in 1959. However, in the international arena club did well in 2001, winning a ticket to the Final Four FIBA ​​Suproleague. In 2002, CSKA was very close to the Final Four of the Euroleague ULEB, but defeated in the decisive match, which robbed their chance.
In the offseason, the club president Alexander Gomelskiy appointed Sergei Kushchenko on the position of the general manager, who started a radical restructuring of the club. He changed the infrastructure, the head coach and many of the players. In his first season CSKA won the Russian championship and reached the Final Four of the Euroleague.
In the 2002-2011 season CSKA won all nine Russian championships in a row, and won the Cup of Russia for four times.
In the 2004/2005 season CSKA had set a unique achievement having 60 victories in 64 matches, and winning all 31 matches on a road.
In his first season 2005/2006 a new coach Messina, previously heading Italian Ettore led CSKA to a win in the Cup of Kondrashin-Belov, Russian Cup, Russian Championship and Euroleague.
During 2002-2010 CSKA was the constant participant of Final Four, twice becaming the champion and twice playing in the final of this prestigious tournament.
In summer 2010, the club's management, realizing the need for urgent reconstruction chose the evolutionary path of development. Dusko Vujosevic, one of the best European professionals working with young athletes, was invited and appointed as the head coach. However, the Serbian specialist could not find a common ground with the team. His only serious achievement was the preseason victory over the «Cleveland Cavaliers» during CSKA overseas tour — the first in the history European club winning on the opponent's court of the NBA team in the United States. Nevertheless, it was difficult for CSKA to fit in the season and for the first time in many years they did not reach the Top 16 of the Euroleague. This led to the dismissal of Vujosevic, whose place took Dmitry Shakulin in November, and in February, Jonas Kazlauskas received the position. To the list of failure of red and blue a defeat in the final of VTB United League was added, but CSKA nevertheless found its game in the playoff of the Russian Championship, winning a ninth title in a row.
In the season 2011/2012 CSKA suffered 6 defeats: from the «Khimki», «Spartak» (St. Petersburg), the Czech «Nymburk», the Istanbul «Galatasaray» and the Spanish «Bilbao». CSKA suffered the sixth and most offensive defeat in the final of the Euroleague from the Greek «Olympiakos».
After 4 years from that moment CSKA managed to win the Euroleague. In 2015/2016 Final Four was held in Berlin. In the semifinals, CSCA defeated another Russian team «Lokomotiv-Kuban», and then, in a dramatic final match CSKA snatched victory from the Turkish «Fenerbahce» in overtime and won the top European basketball tournament for the 7th time.
  • Champion of the USSR — 1945, 1960-1962, 1964-1966, 1969-1974, 1976-1984, 1988, 1990
  • Champion of Russia — 1992-2000, 2003-2015
  • USSR Cup Winner — 1972, 1973, 1982
  • The winner of the European Cup of Champions — 1960/1961, 1962/1963, 1968/1969, 1970/1971
  • Champion Euroleague — 2005/2006, 2007/2008, 2015/2016
  • Champion NEBL — 1999/2000
  • The champion of VTB United League — 2009/2010, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016
  • Silver medallist of the VTB United League — 2010/2011

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