Fotios Takianos: «Our Players Left Their Hearts on the Court»

14.04.2024, 17:30    Views: 173
Source: Press service
«Astana's» head coach, Fotios Takianos, commented after the victory over Samara:

«First of all, I want to congratulate my players on the victory. It was crucial that the team demonstrated the right approach in this game. Even though it was our last match in the VTB United League, we played to win. This shows the good spirit within the team and the correct mindset.

Our players left their hearts on the court, and that helped us to triumph in a tough overtime, much to the delight of our fans. We feel fortunate. We have finished our performance in the VTB United League, but we are set to compete in the Kazakhstan Super Cup and the Western Asian Super League, so our season is not over yet. We must use what allowed us to win today to achieve our goals.

I want to commend «Astana» for the tremendous effort the club invests in the team and the support they provide us. Although we did not make it to the play-ins of the VTB United League this season if the team continues to work in the same spirit, I am very optimistic about «Astana's» future—we can achieve even more than just reaching the play-ins.

Now, we will take some rest before returning to the court to give our all in the upcoming tournaments.

Have I ever celebrated my birthday on a match day before? Yes, several times, and it always adds a bit of pressure because you don’t want to spend your birthday in a bad mood. However, this time, we secured a significant victory, and I am happy.»

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