Mikhail Lonshakov: «Now focus is on individual training»

13.04.2024, 14:00    Views: 180
Source: Press service
Mikhail Lonshakov, the head coach of Astana Academy, has summarized the quarterfinal series of the National League.

«We had a rough start in the first game at Aktobe, with the opponent quickly gaining the lead. However, we managed to even it out, coordinated defense, making the game highly competitive as the lead swung back and forth between the teams. By the end of the third quarter, thanks to strong defense and the offensive experience of Igor Kanygin and Valery Likhodey, we took the lead. The opponent defended more aggressively, we made two turnovers, and in such a tight game, it significantly affected us. We missed free attacks and lost one possession. According to the stats in the first game, we won more rebounds and had fewer turnovers, but Aktobe’s American leaders shot three-pointers with quite a high percentage, and this became decisive for the outcome. it's disappointing to lose by just one possession, but such is the nature of basketball.

We started the second game on equal footing, but the accumulated fatigue of our team leaders did not allow us to defend aggressively throughout the game. Additionally, we found it challenging to make shots both from afar and near the basket. Thus, the opponent managed to maintain a ten-point lead before the final stretch. In the finale, we tried to catch up with Aktobe, but again, a low percentage of long and mid-range shots did not allow us to close the gap. We also lost in rebounds. We had fewer turnovers than the opponent, but they were playing at home and executed their long shots better.

Aktobe moves on, and for us, the season is over. Our plan now is to switch to individual work with the players, to develop them and strive to get as many players from Astana Academy onto the first team for participation in the RK Super Cup and the Western Asian Super League.

It's worth noting the fans who supported us both live and online following the broadcasts. Even in Aktobe, people came to cheer for our team. A big thank you to everyone for the season! We are moving forward, and next season, we will definitely improve.»

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