Oleg Kiselev: 'Played well in the first half, but poorly in the third quarter'

30.11.2023, 22:30    Views: 103
Source: Press service
Head coach of «Astana» Oleg Kiselev summed up the game against «Runa».

- We played well in the first half but catastrophically, inexplicably poorly in the third quarter. You can't come out of the break like that, of course. 'Runa' took advantage of this and overtook the lead. Later, we got back into the game but lost five rebounds in the final five minutes, giving 'Runa' a second chance and leading to their victory. I congratulate them.

We certainly had chances even before the final five minutes: organized open attacks, plus free throws. In all statistics, we surpassed 'Runa,' but due to rebounds, they made 16 more attacks. This was the key to their success.

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