Karvel Anderson: «We continue to show that we are more than just a team; we are a family.»

27.11.2023, 22:30    Views: 91
Source: Press service
Karvel Anderson commented on the victory over «Samara».

'I think the game turned out well; we made a lot of shots. But more importantly, in my opinion, just like in the previous match against «Yenisei,» even though we didn't win then, it was clear that we had worked hard to become a close-knit team.

Winning is nice, but what's more important is that we continue to show that we are more than just a team; we are a family. Even the incident at the end, although such things can never be considered beautiful, demonstrates that each player treats teammates as brothers. This is the most important thing, regardless of whether we win or lose.

Did we congratulate Dmitry Gavrilov on his birthday? Of course! Being able to play basketball at 37 is something amazing, in my opinion. I hope I can be like him in the future. Although Dima couldn't play today due to an injury, we still felt his support and tried to make him happy on this day.

'Runa' and CSKA are excellent, very talented teams. As I mentioned, being a family is the most important thing for us in these games. Sometimes, we make mistakes, and sometimes, we achieve good results, but in any case, it's essential to support each other and play for the team, the city, and our fans. I hope we will continue to progress and achieve new victories.

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