Mikhail Lonshakov: «Congratulations to the fans on two challenging victories.»

21.11.2023, 22:30    Views: 91
Source: Press service
Head coach of «Astana Academy» Mikhail Lonshakov commented on the series against «Almaty Legion.»

«First of all, I want to congratulate our fans on two tough victories. Although we lost in rebounds in the first game, today we rectified that. Nevertheless, I wouldn't say I liked the start of the game today, where we made mistakes and ended up with 18 turnovers in the match, which is a lot for our team.

It was like a tag game: one team took the lead, then the other, and we were in pursuit for quite a considerable duration. But today, Sardal Abashidze and experienced players played well. I am grateful to the whole team for their dedicated work in defense and offense, which led to today's victory.

Now, we return to our usual routine: a day off, training, and technical preparation for the trip to Pavlodar.

Amirali's condition? The day after tomorrow, he starts training on an individual program. We hope he will be ready for the series against Ertis.»

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